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KUZOV - for car owners
A car’s bodywork is the detail which attracts attention and creates a first impression. Would you like your car to always make a positive impression?

At the portal pages of Kuzov.com we collect tips on body care and car painting, touching-up and airbrushing - which we would like to share with you. Join us, you will find it interesting!

KUZOV - for maintenance foremen
Do you work on car painting and body repair? No matter how many cars have passed through your hands, a fresh look, good advice and new ideas can make life easier for both a beginner and an experienced foreman.

We unveil the secrets of car paint, learn about new technologies and share our findings with you. When you are a regular visitor of Kuzov.com, you also become the first to find out about training courses and workshops. Stay tuned!
KUZOV - for service centres
Could your car painting business generate more profit? Yes, definitely! And it is quite possible that only minor changes are required to achieve this. But what changes?

We make no secret of it! Although, of course, one ‘magic pill’ doesn't exist for every situation; which is why on the pages of Kuzov.com we share a variety of experiences, ideas and perspectives for the future. You are sure to find tips that will appeal to you. You can also get individual advice. Let's start right now!
KUZOV - for investors
All the time, the number of car drivers is increasing. Therefore, any investment into an auto service business is a reasonable option for a profitable return.

On our site, Kuzov.com, you will find all the necessary information required as a potential investor. It will help you to make decisions, to create a new service centre or to invest in an existing one.

We know exactly how to reduce the risks to a minimum and how to build a business that makes a profit within the shortest possible timeframe. What’s more, we are very happy to help you with this.