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Why choose a Kuzov service station?

Every company in existence operates in accordance to its set organizational goals and objectives. Generally, each objective has a set timescale: short-term (measured in weeks or months); medium-term (six to twenty-four months); or, long-term (two to five years). They can also be divided into general (corporate), individual (personnel) or even departmental goals. All objectives are also designated a “hard” or “soft” category. The former is often one expressed in a numerical form (for example, to increase profits by 12 per cent in the current quarter); whilst the latter is, for instance, to get more employees involved in decision-making. This leads to the question: What is the focal point of the organization’s myriad of multidirectional objectives?

It is, of course, the company’s mission; which has both a broad and a narrow understanding. In the wider sense it is taken more as the company’s philosophy, strategy and raison d’etre. Philosophy determines the values, beliefs and principles, on which it operates; strategy defines the activities that the organization intends to accomplish, and designates what type of organization it’s going to be.

The success of Kuzov is based upon the experience of many years of working with leading European materials and equipment manufacturers, as well as our supply company that’s been introducing advanced technologies in body services for over 15 years. As well as offering advanced technologies and materials we are constantly improving our own knowledge and skills, seeking to develop the services we provide, creating partnerships with other members of auto refinish segment, we guarantee a convenient and high-quality service for all our customers.

Five reasons to choose the services of companies in the Kuzov network:

  • A full range of services
  • High quality repairs
  • Special programs: "Extended warranty" and "Express"
  • Pleasant complaisance and advertence
  • Agreeable prices

Kuzov is a name that justifies your expectations.

Transformation of an independent service centre in KUZOV.

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