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Tips and advice on painting and car body repair for experts, as well as educational material for owners who want to preserve the look of their car or give it a bright individuality.

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Today the main problem, that’s almost in front of every painting service station, is workload. Even if you have the best one with the most expensive and productive equipment and that’s made on the latest innovation parameters, but it will not bring you profit without a load... 

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KUZOV.COM portal is intended for gathering of friends and all the persons holding the same views. There’re those, who respect the high quality and professionalism in body painting, who want to learn more and have the amazing results. 

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KUZOV provides a ready business model in the car body-painting work sphere. We offer a program of long-term relationship that will benefit you with minimal effort on your part. Our experts can promptly assess the painting market and future potential custom in your area. We then offer the most optimal configuration of a new service centre, owned by you.

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The KUZOV Standard is a technological scheme of auto bodywork painting and repair. The draft of this document was created by the Europroject Company, which has been working in the area of auto repair technology since 1995.

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