17.10.2012 12:05:00

What’s in the East? Toyota considers raising prices on Japan, made vehicles September 14, 2012. TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's auto lobby today urged the government and the central bank to quickly implement measures to counter the strong yen, after it hit a seven-month high against the dollar on Thursday.


Nowadays you can find car covers available for nearly every make and model of vehicles used for daily driving. A logical step would be the following: if a person concerns about keeping the exterior of your car protected, s/he would park it in the garage. But there’s the dust. To save your auto in pristine condition you should also get from it out.


The process of car painting is an art. Compliance with all the requirements and work conditions can guarantee the excellent quality of the colour and its durability. Proper colour selection is a very complex part of this process, which requires a professional approach...


Modern environmental conditions affect the paint-and-lacquer coating of any vehicle. Acid rain, mud, salt, UV rays, humidity, temperature changes, industrial emissions, etc. seek to destroy the paint layer and nullify the protectiveness that good paintwork provides...