444.jpgIn a short time you will discover another part of our project: THE REFINISH ACADEMY. We offer on-line training in addition to a well-stocked library, where you can find any information about materials and technology for car body preparation and painting. Novice painters and xperienced professionals will find everything they need for their development and to improve their skills. Additionally, our study will be supported by special certificates.

How will the learning be conducted?

A group will be recruited for theoretical training. Webinars, special events in a multimedia classroom, will be organized for these groups. During the theoretical course, each student can decide for her/himself whether she/he will work in the sphere of preparation and painting or whether their participation was just for idle curiosity. After successful completion of a theory test it is possible to continue on to practical training. At the end of this, those who are awarded a certificate for completing the course will be offered a work placement by our company. Follow the events on our website - a banner will be coming soon. Clicking on it will lead you to an application form to study at the Academy. The absolute advantage of this innovative study method is that each specialist can get the required knowledge without leaving their home. You need two things: a computer and an internet connection… oh, and one more thing… your desire.