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Transformation of an independent service centre in KUZOV

Why should you think about reorganizing your auto centre?

Трансформация независимого автосервиса КУЗОВ (3).jpgToday, the main problem facing almost every auto painting service station is its workload. Even if you have the best one, with the most expensive and productive equipment constructed to the latest innovative parameters, it will not bring you a profit without any workload. Meanwhile, down the street, is the garage of Uncle Vasili, soaked with beer and smelling of dried fish. He works standing knee-deep in mud and oil with his neighbour Peter and the electrician Tolik (they’re spiritual people). In order to get a diagnosis from Vasili you have to call him beforehand, arrive at the exact appointed time, and then wait your turn for the car to be repaired… Do you know what I mean? Your high-tech station is sat there in peace and quiet, without any work, while Uncle Vasili has a queue for repairs. Why is this? What is the matter?

Трансформация независимого автосервиса в КУЗОВ(1).jpgOf course, you say, Vasili is able to offer discounts because he doesn’t pay taxes, operating in the “black market”, and he has the reputation of the man with golden hands. Everyone wants their car repaired by Vasili. At my station we have an hourly rate, high prices due to exorbitant costs, and my specialists are not as skilled as Vasili. It’s much more difficult for me to attract customers. It’s not fair!

We won’t discuss the legality of Vasili’s work - that’s a matter for the tax inspectors. However, there are several important points in the history of Uncle Vasili’s business, which brought about the main components of its success. Such as:

  • A professional image and popularity;
  • An affordable and attractive cost of work;
  • A trusting relationship with the customer; honesty and openness.
Трансформация независимого автосервиса в КУЗОВ(2).jpgThese ingredients are the most important for success in any business! Ask yourself, can you answer “yes” to all three of the above points? Do you have such values as Uncle Vasili does? We suggest that you look at your company from this angle. You’ll soon see what is necessary to change, in order to transform it into a profitable business.

Our company, project KUZOV.COM to be more exact, offers to transform your service centre into a standardized business, with an easily recognizable brand name, and an image of professionalism with a capital P. We offer you the three successful components of Uncle Vasili, and more:
  • Tailored workflows. You will not have an uncontrollable loss of productive capacity.
  • The KUZOV brand. We are already into the second decade of working under this flag; with more than 400 laboratories of colour matching and stores of materials for body repairs and painting.
  • The qualifications of your employees will be monitored by such sources as the monstrously large company BASF in the chemical industry. You will get rid of unskilled labour for good- which, in turn, will rid you of continuous criticism and complaints from clients.
  • Reliable coloristics. Our technologist has, in his arsenal, a spectrophotometer, a device that helps to select complicated colours when such a task becomes almost impossible for a man.
  • Your homepage, a modern high-performance branding product.
  • Continuous monitoring of the quality of paintwork performed and a high level warranty on it.
  • Ongoing consultancy and promotional support through your private office on our portal, KUZOV.COM.
  • An increased workload for your station, by having requests forwarded to you from visitors.