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3D-model for future auto services


news1_1.jpgIf you have an intention to open a new painting service centre and you do not know how to start, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that you do not change your mind halfway through. For a start, we can offer you the layout of your future service station. Such opportunities exist now because of printers able to create 3D-models based on an AutoCAD file, or any other file of a similar program that can create 3D- visualizations.

Modern service stations don’t look like they did 10 or 20 years ago. Motor pools as big as football fields and their uncomfortable boxes with 12-meter spans have become a thing of the past. The current service centre layout requires a considered approach by the designer.


Nobody wants to pay for extra metres of production space, unless it is of benefit in the future. Now it’s possible to twist the layout in your hands, to see how the cars are moving, and define if there are any redundant areas. You can very carefully plan the layout on paper, but it’s impossible to consider all the nuances of equipment placement and movement of vehicles under repair; whereas, in this format, you will immediately see all the advantages and disadvantages of various workshops. Incidentally, our proposal for the service station development concept consists of the following:

  • A visit to an area to audit the capabilities of future production;
  • Development of production facilities and workplace layout;
  • Creation of a 3D-layout concept of space;
  • Estimates of the service centre’s production capacity for different schedules;
  • Staff composition and required qualifications;
  • Selection of the optimal equipment set, and a calculation of its value;
  • Technical and economic project assessment.

In short, everything there is to start the project implementation. In addition, a 3D-model will help you to avoid unwanted mistakes “from the outset” as well as any unnecessary investments. It will also be a wonderful decoration in your office for many years.