For car owners

As a car owner, you probably met the necessity of auto body repairing. When you need to overcome defects of varnish-and-paint coating as a result of vehicle operation. Or, heaven forbid, you should renew the car after an accident. There’re a lot of reasons to go to the paint service center. Perhaps, your car need just a presales service. But the reason could be more serious, as removal a center of attack on metal. All of us want to get the best result and it doesn’t depend on the reason. What is the best result? It’s the highest quality on the lowest price. Being an expert, it’s almost impossible to find this balance. You’ll leaf through the reference manuals. You’ll browse the Internet for several hours. You’ll consult with your friends. But you won’t find the golden mean. Where’s good and cheap painting?

On the one hand, the variety of current offer on the painting services market discourages. On the other hand, if you know a thing or two about it, the market offer is miserly. To whom you can entrust your car? How should the decision be taken? It’s so easy to get lost there.
We develop portal to answer these and a lot of other questions.

You’ll find on its pages:
• Service stations rating of your region and the country;
• Articles about painting service centers, working on the advanced manufacturing sciences, that saves your money;
• Materials about experienced foremen;
• Prices on the required services;
• Procedures and methods of paint and varnish coating repair; 
• On-line consultations on price, the necessity of one or another repair. The expert is always on our portal. Adviser will consult you as independent expert and suggest you the most suitable service center that provides the optimal repair of your car.
• Repair calculator. It’ll help you to estimate the damages removal quickly and easily.
In addition, you’ll find a lot of useful things on this site. Register and get the opportunity to complete online application for the required repair of your auto. Service centers will contact you and offer the most suitable price and time of repair. Now you do not need to look for them. They give a helping hand.