For investors

KUZOV offers the ready business model in body-painting works. We offer the program of long-term relations that will useful for you. Moreover, it’ll take the minimal efforts.

At the earliest possible date our personnel can assess the situation in the auto-painting market of your region and the resources of production utilization. The experts will propose the most optimal configuration of new service center belonged to you. As an investor you need this information to make a fundamental decision, i.e. whether you really need new service station or it’s better to invest means in the present one.

As soon as you make a decision, we’re ready to help you with the following:
• Developing the concept of future service center that meets the region market conditions and your abilities. The concept is a fundamental document that defines the strategy possibilities of future enterprise. It includes the productivity calculations, the schedules of bringing work cell into service, the staff and running at full capacity.
• Creating an economic model of the future manufacture, feasibility studies (FS). This document will help you to estimate and maximize the financial potential of your business. So your investment will be effective. Based on FS you can easily, quickly and competently work out your business plan on your own commercial idea.

The decision was made. What’s next? We will help you to join the painting service centers business smooth and quickly as it’s possible at all! At your disposal:
1. Technical department, which consists of only high-qualified technologists. We have already trained the specialists of our clients for a long time. Process man work in a spray booth with a painter, who directs the movements and achieves automatism.
2. If there’s a complaint on the quality of repairs, carried out by your experts, we will come to you regardless of the underlying causes and we’ll help to understand the causes of the defects on the PLC. 
3. The software for delicate control of work processes. At any one time our workload scheduler allows you real-time monitoring of all operational and economic enterprise activities.
4. Real-time consulting, engineering and technological support. Operational mode with the client.
5. Recognizability and image. You’ll have at your service what somebody has being gotten for years and with business risk. Believe me, all the experiments is over. We offer the business.