Shocking Debut of Infiniti Luxury Electric 16.10.2012

What’s debut on New York Auto Show? Moreover, it was shocking one. Are you interested in Luxury Electric? Autoliquidator informed: The 2012 New York Auto Show was packed with all kinds of big time debuts and unveilings, from every major car maker in the industry.

How to instantly lower your car windows remote? 02.10.2012
Nowadays every car has the air conditioner, but sometimes we open our car windows. The temperature inside your car can get insanely hot on sunny days. When you get to your car and it's boiling hot. What are you going to do? You lower the windows, don’t you?
What’s your car trying to tell? 24.09.2012
Do you believe that our favorite things, helping us in this life, sometimes try to tell us anything important? Let’s learn how to understand it. Below there’s the human translation guide.
Life Changes by Car and Technologies 20.08.2012

Do you want to learn anything incredible? – You’re welcome. Automakers are introducing mind-boggling technology that will see cars parking and driving themselves. Nowadays more and more innovations are digital. What will we see on the streets in a few years?

Shocking Statistics 16.08.2012

The statistics revealed at Croke Park conference is shocking. The road safety conference informed: the deaths of one in four pedestrians were linked to their own alcohol consumption. A third part of those killed is positive for alcohol.

A Button can Change Color of Auto 14.08.2012

Scientists develop an impressive Auto Paint. Can you imagine that you’re changing color of your car with just a press of a button? New paramagnetic paint is a technical wonder. It’s viewed by Nissan and other companies as an innovation that would draw huge traffic to dealerships.

What can water-based paint “do”? 07.08.2012

It’s amazing! What can water-based paint “do”? Water-based auto paint makes colors green. There’re a lot of various situations in our life. Something is wrong with your car and you need to repair it. It’s great, if there’s a choice. Now it’s easier. As Will Latuff said: “Eco-friendly...

Motoramic Dash from Crowdsourcing designers 05.08.2012

New truck models are coming with its unique style. Many are of the opinion that modern-era semi haulers haven’t changed much, aside from aerodynamics smoothing. Peterbilt has leap-frogged. There’s an inspiration of running to envision a 21st century long hauler. The designers built the Local Motors’...

Review of autoweek 03.08.2012
If there’s not the Taurus or Explorer, perhaps, everybody likes and has to watch for now. The F150 pickup will join the lineup of municipal edition vehicles. It’s Ford.

There’re some news from the World Health Organization. Its condemnation of diesel as a Class 1 carcinogen was discovered in their...

Innovative ‘EYES FREE’ 01.08.2012

Siri is the innovation for activating system by voice. It’s developed especially for Apples’s latest iPhone – 4S. This can be activated by pressing a steering wheel mounted button. Also the driver can access the same information when not on-the-way.

The 'Eyes Free' system will be hands-free except...
Nanotechnology coatings for car paint 30.07.2012
Nanotechnology is the study of manipulating matter on an atomic and molecular scale. Generally, nanotechnology deals with developing materials, devices, or other structures possessing at least one dimension sized from 1 to 100 nanometres (1 nanometer is one millionth of 1 mm - the size of nanomaterials is 800 times smaller...
Volvo V40 – Introducing the Pedestrian Airbag System 18.06.2012
Volvo has released new details about its world-first innovative pedestrian airbag system, set to feature in the upcoming V40 revealed earlier this year. The concept is based on cushioning a vehicle’s immovable hard points.
One-off Ferrari SP12 EC - named after Eric Clapton 15.06.2012
Ferrari has just created a special one-off car, the SP12 EC, in homage to famed guitarist Eric Clapton’s career and his long-lasting passion for Ferraris.
Toyota researching mood-sensing technology 29.05.2012
Toyota is working on a mood-sensing electronics system that will be able to determine the emotions of the driver. The new system is planned as a safety measure that will customize...
Renault Twizy - Electric Microcar 28.05.2012
There's no other car like the Twizy. It’s so tiny that it makes even a Smart look like a limousine: it measures just 2.34 metres long and 1.23 metres wide. Twizy is competing as much with...
New Jaguar F-Type Is All Aluminium 18.05.2012
Jaguar is back into the sport cars business 37 years after famous E-Type has been retired. Investment in amount of 200 million pounds will allow Castle Bromwich factory in England to on expand the facility by 50 per cent and deliver first branch mid next year...
Ultralight “sandwich” car body design 15.05.2012
The prototype crash test will be done by the end of the year. German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Stuttgart have developed a concept for a light-weight car body designed to reduce fuel consumption and increase safety while lowering production costs. Basic idea is...